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Here are some of our past news articles rolled up into one.

21st October 2008

Betnik High


We have now launched our second comic entitled, "Betnik High".


This is similar to the first SweetCandy comic, Masked Marshmello, were the users get to read a short comic strip, color in any of the panels and play with the cool extras. In this comic you are able to take control of those dreaded hair clippers and go crazy. Each of the hippies hairdos can be trimmed or as the ex Drill Sergeant wants, to see skin.


If you've got an iPhone, Android, ensure you have the vibrate mode enabled when using the extras, you'll be in for a shock.


25th September 2008

The Masked Marshmello


Today, Blue Pilot Software has its first comic published on the AppStore and Android. The Masked Marshmello tells a story about a Masked Marshmello and his devoted horse that ends up turning to crime. Does the Masked Marshmello have to give up his badge.


This comic has the ability to color in any of the panels and with a quick shake clear the color and you can start afresh.


We also have a need extra toy included with each comic.


26th August 2008

The Masked Marshmello


We are currently prepping for a new submission to Apples AppStore and Android. This one's called "The Masked Marshmello", in "Mah Pony Must Be Purdy!".


Here is a sneak peek at one of the story panels.


16th August 2008

First Comic Released for review


As of the 16th August we have submitted to Apples AppStore for review our first comic using our Comic Reader for the iPhone and Android.


The Comic Reader is specifically designed for these devices as well as its content. This is what makes for a great user experience. Comic Reader not only allows the user to view each of the different panels of the comic, but, also the pencil, ink and color layers.


Audio commentary by the artist or writer can be included or even have voiced actors play the parts of the characters, removing speech bubbles if needed.


A number of options are available, such as displaying the content in newspaper gray-scale, various layer transition effects, the ability to add bookmarks and chapter selection.


We are very proud to have the first comic release, entitled, MURDERDROM, and the first issue is available free of charge.


To get any additional information on either the Comic Reader or MURDERDROM just follow the links, or select from the options above..