Comic Reader

Comic Reader now Infectious Comics


Comic Reader now has its own separate entity and Infectious Comics has been set up to handle everything dealing with the application. I'm keeping our original Comic Reader text here for information, but all enquirers should now be addressed to our new site. Contact details are posted at the end of this page.


We have had the privilege to be able to develop a generic comic book reader for Apples iPhone & Android and gives the user a wealth of options in a very naturally feeling application.


When working with creators, writers and the creative groups that go into comic book creation, it becomes clear that an electronic comic has a huge advantage over traditional comics. I know many people, including myself, love the feel of paper in their hands, to see an explosion of detail as your working through the panels and the satisfaction of putting it on the shelf as your current favorite comic of all time.


This may be all very nice and dandy, but don't you ever wonder how the comic was developed. The artists original ideas for what a panel was to look like, before final approval. Be there when they are discussing how an episode or story was to develop and why they made that decision instead of something else. Well now you can, with the Comic Reader.


Our reader allows you to view each comic panel as a feature rich, full color delight. With the iPhone or Android back-light screen, the colors literally jump out at you. Simply swiping your finger across the screen moves you from panel to panel, without spoiling the excitement of seeing the climax on the opposite page, but that's not all. Swiping your finger vertically allows you to peel away each layer to reveal how that particular panel was put together, from initial concept sketch, to inking and final coloring.


A number of options are available with just a quick tap on the screen. These allow you to turn off and on the speech and textual captions. To add your own bookmarks direct to your favorite section in the story. Select from the chapters section with small icon images of the beginning of the chapter to quickly find your way.


If that wasn't enough to be getting on with we have included an options tab. From here you have the ability to change the transition effect of going up or down through the layers. Actually sliding the layer out or fade one layer into the other. Make the comic look more like the newspaper gray-scale, though may need to add a bit more roughness to the effect, and the ability to turn on or off audio commentary.


Yes you did read right, audio commentary. We have two forms of audio on the Comic Reader. First you can listen to the artist, writer, comic publisher, or whoever you want can give a commentary on the development on that particular panel within the comic. It might have been a totally new direction the comic was to take and needed some strong decision making, now you can let your readers know, why this decision was taken.


The second audio option is for voiced actors to play the parts of your characters, enabling voice over and removing the subtitles. From here you can click on the "Play/Pause" button to allow automatic panel switching. This last option really does allow your reader to get into the feel of the action onscreen.


If you think that something like, voiced actors, would never take off, just think of broadcast radio shows. You have no idea of what the actual scenario is like, or what the characters are wearing, you leave that to your imagination, which can sometimes lead you astray. Here you can hear the action as it happens and the images give you the missing visual clues needed to really get into the action.


If your and independent comic book writer/designer or a major league within the comic fraternity, you really should be looking at the Comic Reader to get your material into the hands of the iPhone/iPod Touch community.