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Happy Christmas

SweetCandy - Staff Favorite

December 17th, 2008


We would first like to thank the guys at Apple, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.


Yup we seem to have become a staff favorite application and now our comic application will be seen by many more people the world over, well in GB anyway.

SweetCandy 1 - Staff Favorite


November 25th, 2008


Unfortunately we have been very successful in generating interest by showing off our latest comic creations. I say “unfortunately” as this has put a bit of a burden on our workload, and I know how much people love the SweetCandy comics, it is taking up a little too much of our time at the moment and so we will be putting a temporary halt on that until the workload eases up a little.


We are now looking at putting the third issue of SweetCandy out in January and will be showing off the latest extra. This will be one to wait on.


On another note, we’re working very hard with a great company in the states and looking to get a whole slew of comic content out by early January and has some really neat graphical user interfaces. More on this in January.

Lil’ Terror

November 12th, 2008


SweetCandy 3 is getting ready for action. This is a real nice little story and again you can color in any of the comic panels yourself. The story is by John Gatehouse and artwork by none other than Dave Windell. More on this later.

SweetCandy 2 - Beatnik High

October 30th, 2008


SweetCandy 2 is called Beatnik high and is based on a high school run by an ex drill sergeant in the 60’s. Those funky hairdos must go and the ex sergeant gives chase, but does he get to cut the grass with those hippie dudes. Find out in this class act.


Masked Marshal

SweetCandy 1 - review

October 12th, 2008


We LOVE reviews. Phil Barnett, has written a great review of our first comic (number 2 is coming!) and here it is:


    Review of Sweet Candy: Masked Marshal #1 “Pony Must Be Purdy”


    So the Masked Marshal. It’s a very good and funny comic. The artwork is amazing and very well designed for the iPhone. (My dad’s iPhone 3G anyway.)


    The software via which you read the comic is amazing, especially that with a flick of the finger up and down, you can change the panels between pencils, inks, and full colors. This would help children who are artistic, children who like drawing ‘sausage people’ can copy it off the screen and see how the characters and the panels develop from rough planning to full colored panels. I’d love to see even more stages shown between blank page and finished panel.


    The extras are as brilliant as the main comic. The idea of being allowed to recolor the comic is genius! (But it would be nice to be able to save the drawings you create [a fix is coming! - PJH].) How could I not mention one of the greatest extras (I feel): the ability to make the pony’s eyes go wibble wobble just by shaking the iPhone. [Shake it harder - it'll neigh! - PJH]


    That’s all the good things.


    Now all the bad… honestly, I couldn’t find any! The comic is better than I could have thought of. In all the hoopla of how good the software and format are, please remember that it’s a very funny comic.


    For future updates I wouldn’t mind seeing a animated version of it. Or under the extras could be a quiz about the story. Also a little bio of the creators and characters. Or even a link to the creators’ websites.


    With the painting, it’s very easy to go over the ink lines and an option for younger children to keep the colors inside the ink lines would probably make it more enjoyable for them (and for adults who can’t do it without that option. No names mentioned, of course, eh Dad?).


    To finish my review of this brilliant comic, I think it’s a very good app and is perfect for younger children.


SweetCandy update

October 6th, 2008


The final pieces of SweetCandy #2 are getting put together as we speak, and looking for submission to the Apple Store this week. This one is a real corker. The comic title is “Beatnik High” and is about a group of hippies trying to save their hippie hairdos and quiffs from the new Headmaster, an ex Drill Sergeant


Again each comic screen can be hand colored, or should that be finger colored, and as usual, features a great little extra, which will have you all buzzing with excitement.


- - - -


In a further note, we are upgrading SweetCandy issue #1, Masked Marshmello, to include some of the nice changes from the latest comic. Users who previously purchased Mask Marshmello will get the free update automatically when it’s available from the AppStore.


The update has a better painting facility and nicer looking horse in the extras section as well as a few bug fixes.


That’s it for the moment, but we’re currently getting the next SweetCandy up and running, and what would Christmas be without some sort of treat, tease or what.



Birmingham Comic Con

October 6th, 2008


Paul Hold has just returned from BICS, or Birmingham International Comic Convention, now you know why they shortened it to BICS.


Paul has returned with the giddy excitement of a 5 year old just about to get stuck into candy floss. His main reason for going in the past was to sit and do drawings for people at the convention and chat about his work. This year was a little different.


Armed with his trusty iPhone he took the comic con by storm showing of our SweetCandy comics, including our newest version called “Beatnik High”, news of this later. The amounts of Ohhs and Ahhs was amazing and not a single negative comment about it. In fact, people that had played about with it were herding up others to share the experience and a good time was had by all.


Now Paul is back there is no rest. Lots to do and as usual, not enough hours in the day.


The Masked Marshmello

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008


We are very excited to have our second submission to Apples AppStore nearing completion.


“The Masked Marshmello”, is its title and the first story will be “Mah Pony Must Be Purdy!”.



Infectiousness Comics is born

Monday, August 25th, 2008


This has surprised myself and Paul Hold no end. The amount of fantastic responses and overwhelming praise for the Comic Reader and Murderdrome has taken us all by surprise. To this end we are in the process of setting up a separate company to handle the comic end of things.


As of Today, all inquiries should be posted to the Infectiousness site:



Email: mail://


First comic released

Friday, August 22nd, 2008


We have our very first Comic Reader comic awaiting for review on the AppStore. “Murderdrom” is a creator owned comic, and will be available for FREE on the AppStore once the review process is complete.


This is a comic written by Ali Ewin (2000AD’s Judge Dredd, Deadsignal) and drawn by PT Hold (2000AD’s Judge Dredd, The 86ers, Image Comics ‘Fearless’). Murderdrom is a four issue miniseries, with each issue containing the equivalent of a 22 page comic. Their official website, for further information, can be reached at


Drawn specifically to fill the iPhone’s screen, each page can be stripped away to reveal the inked artwork and the pencils. This is achieved though our Comic Reader application see separate blog post here.


The Artist PT Hold has created a YouTube video of the Comic Reader and Murderdrom in action. For further information on the Comic Reader and how it could help publish your comics online drop us an email at: comicreader [at] bluepilotsoftware [ dot] com.


Into comics

Thursday, August 21st, 2008


We have had the privilege to be able to develop a generic comic book reader for Apples iPhone / iPod Touch, and gives the user a wealth of options in a very naturally feeling application.


When working with artists, writers and the creative groups that go into comic book creation, it becomes clear that an electronic comic has a hugh advantage over traditional comics. I know many people, including myself, love the feel of paper in their hands, to see an explosion of detail as your working through the panels and the satisfaction of putting it on the shelf as your current favorite comic of al time.


This may be all very nice and dandy, but don’t you ever wonder how the comic was developed. The artists original ideas for what a panel was to look like, before final approval. Be there when they are discussing how an episode or story was to develop and why they made that decision instead of something else. Well now you can, with the Comic Reader.


Our reader allows you to view each comic panel as a feature rich, full colour delight. With the iPhone or iPod Touches backlight screen, the colours jump out at you. Simply swiping your finger across the screen moves you from panel to panel, without spoiling the excitement of seeing the climax on the opposite page, but that’s not all. Swiping your finger vertically allows you to peel away each layer to reveal how that particular panel was put together, from initial concept sketch, to inking and final colouring.




Website launched

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008




Blue Pilot Software was set up just over 4 weeks ago to promote our iPhone/iPod touch applications. We are looking to create a number of educational, games and puzzle programs as well as our Comic Reader, which is being developed with PT Hold, an artist from the Judge Dread series, as well as numerous others.


We are also on the lookout for interesting contract work, so if you’re in the need for a mobile application developed on the iPhone or iPod Touch then please drop us a line via our contact section within the website. (Currently About Us and Contact Us or still in development).


Those interested in following our progress, and want the latest product release information or news updates then we’re working hard on getting the RSS feeder up and running. This should be available from next week.


If you wish to get in contact drop us an email at bluepilotsoftware [at] gmail [dot] com, until we get our mail servers up and running.


[Update] : You can now use the “Contact Us” page to send us an email. If you want a reply, please include your email in the message section.